Tips to Extend Your Home Appliances’ Lifespan

If you want to prolong your home appliances’ lifespan, then you have to properly maintain and take care of them. In fact, there are tons of ways to effectively keep up your appliances. To simplify things and help you with the basics, here’s a list of the tips you can easily do to keep your appliances in great functioning order.  


Never overload your clothes washer 

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of homeowners do is overloading their clothes washer while laundering to minimize their time to do this. Sure, a lot of us want to make the laundry chore to be not as stressful as it is, however, know that your washing machine can be damaged if you overload it. Placing an excessive number of clothes in your washing machine can potentially cause its vital parts to wear and break out.  

Clean the filter of your dishwasher 

If your home has a dishwasher, it’s vital to regularly clean its filter. When it has already built up tons of debris and dirt, your dishwasher filter will eventually fail to work or won’t work efficiently. Nowadays, most of the dishwasher’s filters can be found below the unit, which is tasked to filter foodstuff and some debris from your dirty dishes. You can help avoid your dishwasher from clogging if you clean its filter, which will eventually help to extend its lifespan. Also, do not overload your dishwasher with kitchenware since it can be potentially be damaged.  

Dust off your air conditioner and remove the dirt 

Your AC unit is among the house appliances that are extremely prone to dust and dirt accumulation. You can anticipate that debris like dust and dirt will embed in other parts of your AC unit since its job is to filter the air in your home. Hence, to help prolong its lifespan, you need to make sure to have it maintained and cleaned regularly. If you plan to have a DIY AC unit cleaning, then make sure to routinely vacuum it to remove dust and dirt in most of its parts or you can always contact the cleaning experts to do it for you.  

Eliminate your clothes dryer’s clogs 

Always keep in mind to remove the clogs from your clothes dryer’s lint filter. Making sure that the lint filter is cleaned can surely help extend its lifespan. Apart from that, it will help keep you safe as well since it can keep your house from catching fire.  

You can consider doing regular clothes dryer cleaning at least once every month. Moreover, you need to inspect for signs of damage to your clothes dryers parts. If you think your clothes dryer is not functioning well and needs professional appliance repair in Henderson NV, then make sure to reach out to a reputable appliance repair company to help you with any of your appliance concerns.  

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